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"I met Joel (a fellow Canadian) via referral of a local bike shop and was thrilled to go on a two rides with his company. We did a local ride of 100k from Marina Vallarta to north of Punta Mita which was an amazing ride with over 30 cyclists who joined in on the way.

I was very impressed with Joel and his team on getting it organized in short order. He supplied me with a top Specialized Bike and shoes and clips and helmet so I could feel more comfortable.

My second ride was a Fat Tire Bike Food tour through Bucerias with my wife and a guide which was also extremely memorable. 

Will definitely organize through him again." 

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Specialized Allez Bike Rental Puerto Vallarta Bici Bucerias

Specialized Allez Bike Rental Puerto Vallarta Bici Bucerias

Cycling Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias


Just found this older review on a google search! Thought i would post it....

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March 1, 2015/in Country CycleRoad Cycling /

I had the chance to get away on a warm holiday this past January.  We stayed in Bucerias Mexico.  It was the perfect destination because I could both relax with my family and experience some amazing road rides.  I found a tour and bike rental outfit called Bici Bucerias.  They hooked me up with a bike and gave me personal tours of the roads in the area.  Once familiar with the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of road riding in rural Mexico, I set off on my own.  The highways are without a proper shoulder but found the drivers to be courteous and willing to share the road.  I didn’t experience any ‘close calls.’  Overall the highways are in very good shape.  The scenery is stunning.

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Specialized Allez Road Bike Rental Puerto Vallarta by Bici Bucerias

Specialized Allez Road Bike Rental Puerto Vallarta by Bici Bucerias

Cycling Off The Grid in Bucerias and Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Cycling of the Grid with Bici Bucerias

Cyclists are inherently selfish or at least we can be perceived that way. Masters racers (blasters) are even more so with a fear that if we stop training or take a beach vacation we will loose everything (fitness) and the next season will be that much harder to hold the wheels of riders young enough to be our children. So what do you do if you want to go on a beach vacation and have the best of both worlds? That world being family fun, riding and sightseeing, go to Bucerias Mexico and try to convince your wife to ride on cobble stone roads, eat street food and ride local transit.


Bucerias is a small Mexican town just north of Puerto Vallarta that is a mix of small hotels, VRBO rentals, expats, small markets, min-supers, friendly locals, safe streets, awesome restaurants and quiet beaches. Bucerias is also a great hub for road cycling which you would never think on first site. The area is a great launching pad to ride in to the back country on quiet roads, with scenic vistas, long climbs, colonial towns, inexpensive (cheap) food and, most importantly, safe places to ride. The locals show a lot of respect for cyclists and perhaps it speaks to a culture that relies on bikes for transportation, a stark contrast to riding around Calgary.




One of the more epic rides that we did was up to San Sebastian a 16th century Spanish silver mining town. What made the ride awesome was the climbing which is the only way to get there. Starting out just east of Puerto Vallarta you climb for roughly 36 km deep in to the Sierra mountains. The climbs have no rhythm as the mountains are a series of foothills that fold over top of each other and get increasingly higher. Just as you think you might be cresting the summit you descend a bit and start over again. The climb starts with palm trees at sea level and finishes with pine trees at roughly 14oo meters above sea level.

Puerto Vallarta Bike Tour to San Sebastian with Bici Bucerias - Crushing Cobble

Puerto Vallarta Bike Tour to San Sebastian with Bici Bucerias - Crushing Cobble

We were fortunate on the ride with the weather which was perfect. As you ascend the temperature tends to drop and there was a 10 degree difference from bottom to top. Another aspect that made the ride awesome was that it was a supported ride. We had a driver who provided hand ups when needed but there....

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Is Cycling Safe in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta Cycling Tours with Bici Bucerias

Is Cycling Safe in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

I have been riding over 7 years now in Mexico. I have done all of the regular rides that we take our clients on hundreds of times. In addition, I have explored the big mountains in Mexico's rugged interior and I have always felt safe. Here is one of  many reviews from a client regarding his experience including safety.

Cycling in Puerto Vallarta Review

“Amazing biking experience down south !”

Reviewed 13 April 2016


I visited Puerto Vallarta for the 6th time this year and for the first time I intended to bring my bicycle with me in order to explore the town a bit and the surroundings. I was so pleased to find out about Bici Bucerias shortly before my trip as I ended up saving all the hassle of packing / transporting my bike and instead got a very good Specialized road bike from them, which fitted me perfectly. I just brought my shoes and pedals with me. 

But the most interesting thing about the whole bike rental and guided tour experience with Bici Bucerias is that through their amazing service and guidance, I actually explored A LOT MORE than what I would ever had done on my own ! 

From Sayulita, Punta de Mita, San Juan de Abajo, El Colomo, Las Palmas, La Estancia, Mismayola, Boca de Tomatlan and El Tuito, I was able to cover all sorts of terrain from the flats to the rolling hills, along the ocean, in the countryside, to the bigger climbs like La Estancia in the Sierra Madre, there's really something to please all level of cycling enthusiasts ! 
I was on vacation for two and a half weeks so I was able to spread the numerous tours over the course of my stay in order to balance with other vacation activities. But even for someone that's just there for a week, it's well worth it to go and do a couple of nice tours as you will be amazed at the quality of the service being offered by the amazing staff at hand and you will also be amazed at the beautiful roads available in Puerto Vallarta and the neighborhood ! And yes it's very safe ! I felt safer biking there than in downtown Ottawa, Canada ! Drivers are very courteous and will not pass you until its safe to do so, again, very amazing !!
As well, the bike guides are all super awesome and will adapt to your level of fitness accordingly.

In conclusion, would I go again ? well my flight tickets are already bought for my 2.5 weeks stay in 2017... ! Looking forward to more climbing and great riding down south as I not only enjoyed it immensely this year but also made friends at the same time ! 

Patrick Bruyère
Gatineau, Québec, Canada

"Thanks Patrick! We look forward to having you back!" Joel from Bici Bucerias

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